Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney Ted McClintock is available to address your legal issue in Colorado without delay. Our focus is on defending our clients against all serious felony and misdemeanor criminal charges in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas in Colorado.When you choose to contact McClintock & McClintock, P.C. regarding your legal issue in Colorado, our website contact submissions are forwarded directly to our staff with an alert that immediate help is requested – weekends, holidays and evenings. We will respond promptly to your criminal charge situation.We understand that any criminal charge or investigation can cause a tremendous amount of stress to our clients and their families. We make ourselves available to address your concerns nights and weekends throughout the case. There is nothing worse than having a worry or fear and no way to address it until the next day and then waiting for a lawyer to call back. Our clients are provided a way to reach Mr. McClintock when he is neeeded.We have handled a broad array of high profile and serious felony cases in Colorado Springs including Murder charges, Vehicular assaults and Homicide cases, Burglary charges, Theft cases, Child abuse charges, Domestic Violence charges, Felony Assault charges, Crimes of Violence cases, and Property Crime charges. Ted McClintock’s expert defense in the “Make My Day” murder case of Gary Hill received nationwide attention when his client was acquitted of all charges.

Mr. McClintock also successfully handled the Moreno appeal where we championed the protection of your right to force the accuser into court and stopped the state from using videos as the sole evidence in sexual assault cases.  See People v. Moreno 160 P.3d 242 (2007).

Sexual offenses are particularly devastating because they are often made in circumstances with little corroboration or evidence.  They carry with them potential lifetime sentences (in prison or probation) and they can restrict those accused from even having contact with their own family and children. These are highly specialized charges with a group of equally specialized prosecutors from the District Attorneys Special Victims Unit aggressively looking to get convictions.

Ted McClintock is a former Deputy District Attorney and was in charge of such a unit at that office and is keenly aware of their tactics and approaches. That knowledge and experience will be applied to your particular criminal charges to make sure you receive a complete and effective defense against any criminal charges in the state of Colorado.

We have defended persons from all walks of life: laborers, military, civilian, engineers, doctors, teachers, school board members and other attorneys. We take great pride in handling our clients as individuals and not numbers.

We are here to be on your side.  Some of our clients have made a mistake and are filled with regret and remorse and want to find a way to keep their lives from falling apart. Some of our clients are under attack by false allegations and require a defense to be mounted to protect their reputation, employment, family and freedom.   Each criminal defense case requires a specialized and individual approach.

We are based in Colorado Springs but are available throughout the Front Range and beyond.  Serving the counties of El Paso, Denver, Teller, Fremont, Pueblo, Arapahoe, Douglas, Boulder, Jefferson, Park, and Adams.