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Criminal Assault Charges In Colorado

According to Colorado state laws you can be arrested and charged with assault if you make an unwarranted attempt or threaten to cause physical harm to another person with the intent and capacity to carry out the offensive actions. If convicted of assault the penalties range from being fined to imprisonment dependent on seriousness of the crime.

Under Colorado statutes there are three categories of assault; first degree assault, second degree assault, and third degree assault. Each category symbolizes the seriousness of the crime and by extent the punishment associated if convicted. McClintock Criminal Defense, P.C. provides comprehensive and accurate representation to their clients in the defense of assault charges; we are versed in all categories of assault charges and will provide individualized representation in defense of the following categories of assault charges:

Third Degree Assault – in some instances referred to as simple assault, this category of assault occurs when a person knowingly causes harm or threatens injury to another individual.

This type of assault is categorized as a misdemeanor, however if convicted the penalties include: fines, mandatory anger management treatment and up to 3 years imprisonment.

Domestic assault cases often times fall in the category of a third degree assault charge dependent on the severity of assault.

Second Degree Assault – this is a class 4 felony and carries harsher repercussions such as: longer prison terms, larger fines and mandatory rehabilitation programs. This assault charge is applicable, under Colorado Revised Statutes 18-3-204, when a person:

Causes serious damage or permanent injury to another individual.
Causes death due to reckless and negligent behavior.
Supplies another individual with harmful drugs intended to cause lasting damages

First Degree Assault – this is charged in more serious cases of assault and carries the harshest punishments of all the categories of assault. First degree assault, under Colorado Revised Statutes 18-3-202, is applicable in cases where:

Assault involves the use of a deadly weapon.
Assault is perpetrated against or threats are made against a police officer or fire-fighter.
Intentional harm was done against an individual by another person.
Action is likely to cause grave damage even death.

The possible penalties that could be dispensed upon being convicted of first degree assault include: fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars and up to 24 years in prison.

The implications associated with any category of assault charges are to be taken seriously and thus it is highly recommended you contact the legal professionals at McClintock Criminal Defense for legal counsel from the onset of an assault case.

Effective Defense Against Wrongful Assault Charges

Assault charges have dire implications once convicted and so if charged it is imperative that you seek legal counsel; from attorneys with a proven track record for successfully defending clients faced with even the most daunting assault charges.

Allow McClintock Criminal Defense to provide you with guidance and stability through the strenuous process of substantially asserting your innocence; through to exoneration. Our attorneys have years of experience defending clients charged with assault and will be able to utilize the gained knowledge and exposure to create a unique and formidable defense.

If you have been charged with assault; please contact McClintock Criminal Defense, P.C. to have an attorney answer your questions or schedule an appointment for a review of your case today.