Charged With A Crime In Colorado Springs?




To be arrested and charged with a crime is a frightening and confusing experience. In any criminal cases where the punishment includes incarceration for more than one year in prison, it is always beneficial to have an experienced criminal defense attorney represent you.

Colorado criminal lawyer Ted McClintock has expertly defended high profile criminal law cases for over 20 years, achieving national attention with trial victories in Colorado’s national covered “Make My Day” and “Evil Twin” cases.

It’s possible that some criminal cases can be dismissed if the criminal defense attorney can show there was insufficient evidence to support a criminal charge, or that police violated your rights when they searched and seized evidence. Call Colorado Springs criminal lawyer Ted McClintock today for a free consultation about your criminal case.


A premier criminal defense lawyer can help you understand your rights, preserve evidence which might be beneficial to the case, provide guidance for dealing with prosecutors and criminal investigations, negotiate a plea agreement on your behalf, represent you at trial if necessary, and assist you with sentencing after criminal conviction.

If you have been charged with criminal wrongdoing or are under investigation for criminal conduct, call Colorado Springs criminal lawyer Ted McClintock right away to discuss how he can best protect your legal rights. 


Domestic violence can be described as criminal charges that involve a crime against a person that is committed in the presence of, or has an ongoing relationship with that person.  

Assault criminal charges in Colorado are charges involving a criminal threat to commit violence with the present ability to carry out that criminal threat. Battery criminal charges involve criminal conduct where a person unlawfully and intentionally touches or strikes another person against their will, or intentionally causes bodily injury to another person.


Felony theft criminal allegations are criminal accusations of criminal conduct where a person unlawfully appropriates property or services of another with the intent to deprive that person of the property.

The criminal law definition of criminal sexual behavior criminal allegations is criminal conduct where a person subjects another person to sexual contact without that other person’s consent; commits lewd fondling or touching; commits indecent exposure; engages in masturbation; performs any act of sexual penetration; or exposes the genitals in some way with the intent to arouse or gratify someone sexually. Criminal prosecution can result from any type of sexual offense and can result in being listed on the Colorado Springs sex offender registry if you are convicted.

Punishment for a crime of a sexual nature is extremely severe in Colorado. It is vital that if you or a loved one are charged with a crime of a sexual nature that you immediately contact an expert sex crimes lawyer to assist you without delay.

Drug possession accusations involve the unlawful possession, manufacture, distribution or use of specific controlled substances. Possession criminal allegations are criminal behavior where an individual knowingly possesses specific drugs without a valid prescription , except for the lawful possession of marijuana in an amount prescribed by state law.


These allegations are based on criminal conduct where a person obtains money, property or services through criminal deception using either false statements, embezzlement, theft or forgery. These types of criminal accusations often involve schemes or artifices to defraud people into giving something valuable up.


These charges involve criminal entry into an occupied structure, intentionally entering unlawfully into any building, inhabitable structure, vehicle or place; or knowingly and unlawfully remaining in an occupied structure.


There are criminal charges involving the unlawful possession, sale, distribution or manufacture of firearms, ammunition or explosives in Colorado.


Unlawfully taking the life of another person with either a willful or wanton disregard for human life under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life.


Expungement is available to individuals who have had their criminal cases dismissed by the court, have successfully completed deferred adjudication probation, have satisfied all requirements of their sentence and have no pending criminal charges.


Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney Ted McClintock began his legal career as a Colorado Deputy District Attorney, in charge of what is now known as the SVU (Special Victims Unit) in Colorado Springs. The Special Victims Unit is a highly focused and well funded investigative entity staffed with Colorado’s most competent law enforcement investigators. 

The SVU’s dedicated purpose is to relentlessly seek out convictions against persons accused of the most egregious crimes in the state of Colorado.

While in that position, Ted helped develop the exact investigative procedures followed in high-level felony criminal cases across the state. Ted McClintock knows precisely how police, prosecutors, and investigators will work to obtain evidence to convict you.

Attorney McClintock leverages this knowledge to your advantage, giving you the best possible chance of avoiding a criminal conviction. Because of the seriousness of criminal charges, you must consult with the most aggressive, experienced, and effective criminal defense attorney you can find.

Criminal lawyer Ted McClintock has defended people from all walks of life: military, civilian, engineers, doctors, teachers, school board members, and other attorneys. We take great pride in handling our clients as individuals and not numbers.

We are here to be on your side. We know that clients make mistakes, and most are filled with regret and remorse and want to find a way to keep their lives from falling apart. And some of our clients are under attack by false allegations and require a defense to be mounted to protect their reputation, employment, family, and freedom.


Each criminal defense case requires a specialized and individual approach. Unlike most highly acclaimed attorneys, Ted McClintock is one of the most approachable criminal trial attorneys you will ever meet.

Attorney McClintock is very direct and down to earth, and maintains a lower case load to ensure that each client receives his very best criminal defense efforts. In fact, Ted’s personal cell phone number is available to all clients with instructions to contact him directly, day or night, with any questions or information about their case.

The law firm of McClintock Criminal Defense, P.C., provides unmatched personal service to every client they agree to defend.


You can begin by consulting with friends or family members for referrals to attorneys they have used. A free initial consultation with a criminal lawyer is an opportunity for you and your lawyer to discuss your criminal case and determine if he or she is experienced in dealing with cases like yours. If the consultation gives you enough information to make a decision, then you may strongly consider hiring that attorney. You can also search online using resources such as: Google Maps (type “criminal defense attorney near me”, LawyerLocator (enter your zip code), Avvo (enter your state and county).

Because you want to avoid a criminal conviction at all costs. Being arrested for anything criminal related is not only extremely embarrassing and frustrating, but it’s also an intense and stressful situation. When you’ve been arrested, whether it be for a misdemeanor or felony criminal offense such as DUI , domestic violence, assault, etc., the criminal charges you’re facing may affect your life forever; leaving long-term criminal effects that could greatly impact your future. For example: if you were to be convicted of a criminal offense with jail time involved (even if the amount of time is one day), this will leave a permanent criminal record on your name which can make things like getting hired at most jobs more difficult; leaving some people without any hope of ever getting hired again once they have revealed their criminal record. A top Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney can help you avoid a possible criminal conviction.

Ted McClintock is frequently mentioned as one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Colorado Springs, and is known as one of the few local attorneys who can expertly handle major federal court cases. He’s represented many high-profile clients, including two University of Colorado football players and numerous other state university students accused of crimes ranging from drug charges to sex offenses.

Ted’s command of the courtroom and legal strategies is so renowned, he has been called upon to defend infamous clients from both state and federal jurisdictions. Clients often say he inspires confidence: “I put my faith in Ted McClintock to represent me and he never let me down,” one said.