Probation Violation Attorney

Criminal Defense For A Probation Violation

If you are charged with a probation violation in Colorado Springs, there will be a mandatory probation revocation hearing to determine if the conditions of your probation have been violated.  There are highly effective defenses available for revocation hearings to avoid the negative consequences of your a probation revocation. 

First and foremost, we will advise you on how to come into complete compliance with the terms of your probation before the revocation hearing is held.  This may signal to the court and district attorney that no further revocation action is necessary.

If you have been arrested and charged with a new criminal offense, the state will have to conclusively prove your guilt in regards to the new charge in order to revoke your existing probation.  The importance of an effective criminal defense against any new allegations while on probation cannot be overstated.

However, if you are convicted of a probation violation and your probation will be revoked, the terms of the probation revocation are often set by negotiation between your defense attorney and the district attorney.  Choosing the right probations violation attorney can be critical to receiving the best possible outcome in your case.

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