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Why McClintock Criminal Defense, P.C. Is The Best Choice For You:

We Get Results. Whether through negotiation, trial or appeal, we are confident that we can achieve the best possible resolution to a client’s legal situation, given the facts of the case.

Personal Attention. We limit the number of cases we take so we can give each client and each case the full amount of attention they deserve. A highly experienced criminal defense attorney will handle all aspects of your case.

Respect. We are respectful of our clients. Everyone at our office, from the receptionist to the partners, understands that our clients are going through a very difficult time in their lives. Our job is to be on your side and we take this very seriously.

Accomplished in Negotiations. In many cases, we can get the charges against our clients dismissed or reduced substantially without ever going to trial.

We Never Give Up. While we are honest and upfront about the legal challenges you face, we never give up on our clients. In many cases, we have found a way when other attorneys said there was none.

We Are Here for You Long Term. If we are able to get our clients probation instead of incarceration, we don’t just make the deal and walk away. We keep in touch with our client, the probation officer, and the doctor or therapist throughout the probation period to head off any potential problems. This can mean following a client’s case for years. The conditions of probation can be extremely severe and many people don’t make it through. Because of our ongoing support and representation, our clients are far more successful than most.

We Listen Carefully to Our Clients. We will give you a copy of the police report and ask you to mark up every possible mistake or inconsistency you can see. Your insight and contributions can be the keys to a successful outcome.

If you have been accused of a sex crime, don’t lose hope. Contact one of our sex crime defense team to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation. Hiring McClintock Criminal Defense, P.C. can be the first step toward a successful outcome.
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