Sex Crimes

I have focused my attention on sex crime defense for the past 15 years and have handled cases throughout Colorado.  We have appeared to defend those charged in El Paso, Teller, Park, Fremont, Douglas, Denver, Arapahoe, Adams, Weld, Jefferson, Crowley as well as other counties throughout Colorado.  We have been to small cities and large like Blackhawk, Hugo, La Junta, Cripple Creek as well as Denver, Westminster, Aurora and Grand Junction.

I have successfully defended my clients against all manner of sex crime charges including:

We have handled numerous high profile cases of sexual assault, sexual assault by one in a position of trust as well as exploitation, luring and internet crimes, duty to register, removal from the registry and indecent exposure. We have defended persons from all walks of life, military, civilian,  engineers, doctors, teachers, school board members and attorneys.

Sexual offenses are particularly devastating because they are made in circumstances with little corroboration or evidence.  They carry with them potential lifetime sentences (in prison or probation) and they can restrict those accused from even having contact with their own family and children.  Therefore, it is imperative that

These are specialized charges with a group of specialized prosecutors from the District Attorneys Special Victims Unit looking to get convictions.  I am a former Deputy District Attorney and was in charge of such a unit at that office and am aware of their tactics and approaches and have co-defended high profile cases with other noted Colorado sex crime lawyers.   I can use that knowledge to your benefit and make sure you receive a complete and full defense against such allegations.