Are You On Probation


There Are A Number Of Ways We Can Help With Probation Issues

We can assist you with many of the common probation issues such as:

1.  Revocations of probation:

Probation can be revoked for many reasons.   The punishments for these revocations vary from simply revoking and reinstating probation to life in prison.  Most revocations do not result in prison.  They can however start your term of probation over, add conditions, remove privileges and get you a term in county jail or work release.  Do not assume the worst if you are threatened with revocation.  Contact us, we work with many of the treatment providers and can advise you on how to proceed.

2.  Struggling to progress.

Sometimes you aren’t facing revocation but you feel like your stuck and not getting anywhere on probation.  Probation and your treatment counselors seem to never accept or be satisfied no matter how hard you try.  You are confused about what to do and what is the right thing to say or do.  We have many clients we have become the voice of reason for.  We can be a sounding board and advisor during the maze of probation to give you a better chance to succeed and live a normal life.

Just because your on probation does not mean you aren’t entitled to legal advise and counsel.  We can be an ear to hear your worries and concerns and vent your frustrations.  We work with the probation department, District attorneys and treatment providers to make sure we are all on the same page moving forward.

3.  Termination.

When the conditions of your probation are met we can file appropriate motions to get you off probation and end the restrictions you have lived with for so long.

Some cases you can petition to end probation early.  Contact us and let’s see if you qualify!