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For typical misdemeanor charges, most experienced defense lawyers should be able to adequately defend your case. However; if you have been charged with a serious felony in Colorado that puts your liberty or life in jeopardy, contact our office to discuss your case without delay.

We are high-level felony criminal defense specialists, dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible results in the most complex, and difficult to defend criminal cases.

Attorney Ted McClintock

Ted founded our firm following five years as a deputy district attorney in El Paso and Teller Counties. While working for the District Attorneys office, Ted was in charge of the Sexual Offense, Crimes Against Children Unit – commonly known today as the Special Victims Unit (SVU).

While prosecuting sex crimes for the state of Colorado, Attorney McClintock frequently encountered poorly informed and unprepared defense attorneys who recklessly exposed their clients to significant negative consequences because the were unfamiliar with this highly complex area of the law. 

Ted formed this practice to make sure that these difficult cases would be expertly defended in an aggressive and protective manner.

A Reputation for Success in Complex Criminal Defense Cases

After Mr. McClintock founded his firm, other attorneys who knew of his background in sex offense cases began sending clients his way. They knew and trusted his experience and knowledge of this very specialized area of Colorado law.  Over the course of his private practice, Attorney McClintock has successfully protected his client’s civil rights against a wide variety of criminal charges in Colorado.

Highly Effective & Highly Approachable

When you retain the defense law firm of McClintock Criminal Defense, P.C., you will be provided with a highly aggressive and effective defense against any criminal charge in Colorado.  We also recognize the stress and anxiety that any criminal charge will bring into your life.  Ted McClintock is one of the very few Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorneys who provides every client with the means to contact him directly regardless of the time of day or night.

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