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Locating an inmate can be extremely difficult; there are over 9000 jails and prisons across the country, therefore having the resources necessary to locate an inmate in Teller County is vital, resources available on this website to aid in your search include:

  • Inmate lists.
  • Inmate rosters.
  • Arrest reports
  • Booking information

The amount of information you are able to provide is fundamental however you are able to use a minimal amount of data in order to search for inmates on, your search may provide you with the following results:

  • Inmate’s location.
  • Where to send mail as well as what you are allowed to send.
  • Visitation procedures as well as dates for visits.
  • Information on depositing money in an inmate’s account.
  • When and how you will be able to receive calls from inmate.
  • Information available to the public regarding inmate.


If you suspect or are certain that the inmate you seek is being detained in the Teller County Jail you are able to do a search on their website for that inmate, if the search is offline or you heed no results you are able to call the jail 24 hours a day and speak with a member of staff to make inquiries on inmates.

You will be required to provide some basic information to assist with the search for an inmate, the more information you are able to provide the more in depth the search will be however you can provide whatever information you have on the person for a search to be done, information required for a search include:

  • Birth date or age of inmate.
  • Legal name that inmate is booked under: middle name and initial are also helpful.


You may not be aware of the jail that the inmate is being held, however if you are aware of the state or even more specific; the county, checks can then be made with the jails in those counties to locate an inmate. If you are unaware of the county or state a full search may be conducted through all prisons within the United States online.

Suspects are transferred from the jail in the city where the charge originates to the county jail when the trial commences, and will be housed there for duration of trial. Upon being found guilty the convicted would then be transferred to a Colorado state prison to serve their sentence. Inmates convicted of a misdemeanor and sentenced to serve less than a year may do so in a county jail.

State and Federal Prisons

Upon being convicted arrangements are made to have the convicted transported from the jail they are being house to a federal or state prison. Follow the guidelines to locate an inmate sentenced to state or federal prison in Colorado:

  • State Prisons; Colorado provides a website for searches to be done to locate inmates in a state penitentiary, if the inmate being sought is not in a Colorado state prison; other states also offer online inmate searches.

Search results for inmates will display the inmate’s status as either;

  • Paroled/probation.

The jail or prison will also be provided and in some cases a recent photo may be available.


  • Federal Prisons; Federal prisons have a central system that allows searches to be made for inmates housed across the country; this is known as the Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator.

The inmate’s name is required for the search which provides information such as; where an inmate is housed as well as their projected release date, records are also shown for inmates who have been released.

ICE detainees

Friends and family are able to locate undocumented or illegal immigrants that are detained for being in the United States illegally through the ICE Detainee Locator. ICE detainees are held in immigration approved facilities while they await a hearing or deportation. To search for a detainee the following information is required:

  • Name detainee provided.
  • Country of origin.
  • Detainee ‘A’ number; this is a number provided to each detainee.

Teller County Detention Center

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