Jefferson County Jail Detention Facility

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Securing the services of a criminal attorney immediately after your loved one has been detained is imperative to protect them against any harmful testimonies that may be coaxed from them by law enforcement. Under state laws detainees are not allowed communication with anyone except their attorney so having an attorney that is always available and will move swiftly in the defense of your loved one is imperative.


Bonds and Bail

Jefferson County Jail will at its discretion allow bond to be posted for an inmate, there is a fee of $10 for processing bonds as well as a $40 booking fee that must be paid prior to release. The different types of bonds and bails available are:

  • Property bonds.
  • Surety bonds.
  • Cash bonds.
  • Personal recognizance (completely at the discretion of court)


Inmate Accounts

Inmates are allowed to have an account where family and friends may make deposits which will allow that inmate to make purchases through the commissary, deposits may be made using any of the following methods:

  • In person; by visiting the jail and making a deposit of cash, U.S. postal services money orders, cashier checks, and certified funds.
  • Phone; money may be added to an inmate’s account by calling 866-345-1884 (fees will apply).
  • Online; you must first register and provide; credit or debit card information on the Access Corrections website, (fees will apply).
  • Wire transfer; money may also be sent through Western Union.

Mailing inmates

Mail being sent to an inmate must conform to the stipulated guidelines to ensure that they are delivered to the intended party and that not used by prosecutors as evidence against them; all mail received will be inspected to ensure it doesn’t violate the stipulations set by the law. Letter being sent to an inmate should have the return address listed correctly, and sent to the following address:

Inmate’s Name
P.O. Box 16700
Golden, Colorado 80402-6700


Visiting an inmate

Visits to an inmate in the Jefferson County Jail and Detention Center must be scheduled 24 hours before hand. How often an inmate is allowed to have visitors is dependent on the level of security they are detained under;

  • Minimum security inmates are allowed 2 visits per week.
  • Medium and maximum security inmates are only allowed on visit per week.

3 persons are allowed to attend each 30 minute inmate visit, and must present valid government issued photo ID. All visitors are subject to a criminal records check as well as checks for outstanding warrants

All visits to an inmate will be recorded and may be used by the prosecutors so it is strongly advised that the case is not discussed during these correspondence, all discussions necessary for the case will be done between inmate and attorney.


Work Release

A Work Release program is offered through the Jefferson County Jail and Detention Center, to become eligible for work release an inmate must first be approved by the court after which the jail decides whether or not to grant this privilege. Applications must be made before sentencing is given to allow sufficient time for processing request. There are also fees charged for being a part of the work release program.