Have You Been Charged With A Crime?

Under Investigation Or Criminal Charge In Colorado

If you are under investigation or have already been questioned by police, you need to contact our office immediately for a free consultation regarding your situation.  For more information regarding how law enforcement agents conduct a criminal investigation, please see Police Tactics.

If you are contacted by police, do not fail for the very casual "we just want to clear a few things up" ruse.  Be polite and respectful, but decline to answer any questions without first contacting a criminal defense lawyer about your situation.

Make no mistake, if law enforcement agents have contacted you, you are already a suspect and must clearly state that you want a lawyer in order for the interrogation to stop.   

The police can and will employ very covert tactics in their investigation. They are likely to recruit your accuser and those who support them to make pretext phone calls and other tactics to trick you into providing information and keep you from speaking with a lawyer.

The police and District Attorney often spend months and occasionally years investigating criminal allegations. The legislature has removed most statutes of limitations involving these charges and so they can and do act very deliberately.

How can we help if no charges are yet filed?

1.  We can contact the police and district attorney and begin arguing in your defense to possibly prevent the filing of the charges altogether.

2.  We can present your arguments and evidence while preserving your right to remain silent,  we can advise which arguments should remain concealed until we have more information.  Remember you have the right to remain silent and at this stage they can be misleading us to what they actually have in evidence.

3.  We can monitor warrants and negotiate terms of arrest if in fact they are going to arrest you.  We can help coordinate with bond and the courts so you can be processed quickly often without having to formally be processed into the jail.

4.  We can give you peace of mind and be there to answer our questions when you are unsure of who you can trust.

If you or someone you care about is in this very difficult situation, don't delay in consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.

Find out what your options are to preserve and protect you civil rights by contacting us today: (719) 520-3968.