Get Off The Sex Offender Registry


If you are on the sex offense registry, you are well aware of how burdensome and difficult that can be

The supreme court has said that sex offender registration is not a punishment. I think everyone knows that registration is absolutely punishment in the real world.

Removal from this registry is difficult and the statutes you must follow are confusing and complex. The legal experts at McClintock Criminal Defense, P.C. can help weed through all of that and get you answers as to when you are eligible and what we need to do to actually prevail at the hearing. Remember, in Colorado no one is ever automatically removed from the registry. You must file a petition and a judge must rule that they believe it is appropriate to allow you to cease registration.

Some things you can do to help yourself:

1. Completing sex offense treatment is probably the first thing the judges look for. Keep your paperwork.
2. Do not commit other violations of law (of any kind)
3. Show them the harm it has done. (jobs, apartments, education, etc)
4. Collect letters of support from those around you. (Doesn’t have to refer to sex offense issue)
5. Have a plan of how this will benefit you and how you can be a better citizen if this burden is removed.

Contact us we can help you put it together, get it filed and get a hearing set so we can present your case to be removed from the registry.

For more information concerning removal from or failing to register as required please visit:

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