Criminal Case Already Filed in Court

If Criminal Charges Have Been Filed

If you already have a court date and have been arrested or given a summons to court then we are here to start fighting for you right now.

Please give us a chance to help and give you some peace of mind.  Consultations are free and we can usually get you in the same day even if we need to stay after hours or see you on a weekend.

Early in a case there are many things that need to be done:

1. Preserve evidence.

2. Address bond conditions (contact with children, family, travel).

3. Order police reports, videos, other items for your and our review.

There are probably a million worries and questions swirling in your mind.  Contact us now, our initial consultation is free.  We are here to help and give you some peace of mind and a ear to listen and a voice to fight back.  

Learn why you should consult with McClintock Criminal Defense, P.C. without delay, our outstanding record of success protecting our clients against serious criminal charges, and the covert methods police will use to gather evidence about you:

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