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Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer Who Gets Results

At McClintock Criminal Defense P.C., we believe the background, knowledge and experience give our clients the best possible chance of success in cases involving sex offenses.

We know the sex offense statutes as well as anyone in the state and we use our knowledge and skill to help our clients achieve the best possible result.  We only handle these types of cases so our attention is not split on other practice areas.

Attorney Ted McClintock founded this firm in October 2000 after spending five years as a deputy district attorney in El Paso and Teller Counties and a year working for a criminal defense law firm.

While working for the DA’s office, Ted McClintock was in charge of the Sexual Offense, Crimes Against Children Unit; which is known today as the Special Victims Unit (SVU). While prosecuting sex crimes, they saw how inadvertently many criminal defense attorneys handled these dangerous cases and exposing their clients to significant negative consequences.  He formed this practice to make sure that these cases would be defended in an aggressive and protective manner.

A Reputation for Success in Sex Crime Cases

After Ted founded this firm, other attorneys who knew of his background in sex offense cases began sending clients his way. They knew and trusted his experience and knowledge of this complex area of law.

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